jigdo API

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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnyReporterClass for "pointer to any *Reporter class", with disambiguation members
ArrayAutoPtr< X >A variant of std::auto_ptr for pointers to arrays
AutoNullPtr< T >A pointer which gets set to null if the pointed-to object is deleted
AutoNullPtrBase< T >Derive from this class to make your class instances referenceable by AutoNullPtr
Base64In< Output >Convert a series of Base64 ASCII strings into binary data
Base64Out< Output >Convert binary data to Base64 and output
Base64StringInHelper class for mimestream-test.cc, to convert base64 characters to bytes
Base64StringOutOutput base64 data to a std::string
BfstreamCountedA bfstream which can be referenced with a SmartPtr
Job::CachedUrlSpool data from cache file
CacheFileCache with MD5 sums of file contents
CleanupThrown to indicate: Don't report anything, but unwind stack and return specified value from main()
ConfigFileGeneral approach: Reading/changes/writing of config should be possible, and all formatting and comments made by any human editing the file should be preserved
ConfigFile::FindClass to enumerate all lines in the config file which match a given section & label name
ConfigFile::iteratorThe iterators hide the fact that a ConfigFile is not a list<string>
ConfigFile::ProgressReporterClass allowing ConfigFile to convey information back to the creator of a ConfigFile object
CurlGSource_A structure which "derives" (in glib speak) from GSource
Job::DataSourceInterface for objects returning data from the network or from disk
Job::DataSource::IOUser interaction for DataSource
DbErrorLibdb errors
DownloadClass containing the state of a download
Download::OutputA derived class of Output must be supplied by the user of Download, to take care of the downloaded data and to output progress reports
ErrorThe messages are always in UTF-8!
FilePartOne of the "parts" (=single files) that the image (=big file) consists of
FilePart::SerializeCacheEntryOpposite of unserializeCacheEntry; create byte stream from object
GtkMakeImageFrontend for Job::MakeImageDl
GtkSingleUrlThis class is two things at once:
GunzipAllows .gz files to be decompressed in memory on the fly as they are being downloaded
Gunzip::IOThe Gunzip object makes calls to the virtual functions of a class you derive from this
Gunzip::IOPtrPointer to an IO object, can be changed during the Gunzip object's lifetime
IList< T >The list object
IList< T >::const_iteratorConst_iterator for an IList object
IList< T >::iteratorIterator for an IList object
IListBaseDerived classes can be list members
Job::IOBase class for interaction between the outside world and the job
IOSource< SomeIO >In your job class, use the template to generate a public member:
JigdoCacheA list of FileParts that is "lazy": Nothing is actually read from the files passed to it until that is really necessary
JigdoCache::iteratorOnly part of the iterator functionality implemented ATM
JigdoCache::ProgressReporterClass allowing JigdoCache to convey information back to the creator of a JigdoCache object
JigdoCacheErrorIf a JigdoCacheError happens during any call to a FilePart or JigdoCache method, repeating that call is possible to continue
JigdoConfigRepresentation for config data in a .jigdo file - based on ConfigFile
JigdoConfig::LookupGiven an URI-style string like "MyServer:dir/foo/file.gz", do label lookup (looking for [Servers] entries like "MyServer=...") and return the resulting strings, e.g
JigdoConfig::ProgressReporterTo be implemented by anyone who is interested in errors/info from the JigdoConfig
JigdoDescEntry in a DESC section of a jigdo template
JigdoDesc::ImageInfoInformation about the image file
JigdoDesc::MatchedFileInfo about data that *was* matched by an input file
JigdoDesc::ProgressReporterClass allowing JigdoDesc to convey information back to the caller
JigdoDesc::UnmatchedDataInfo about data that was not matched by any input file, i.e
JigdoDesc::WrittenFileLike MatchedFile - used only in .tmp files to express that the file data was successfully written to the image
JigdoDescErrorErrors thrown by the JigdoDesc code
JigdoDescVecContainer for JidoDesc objects
JigdoFileCmdClass providing functionality only to jigdo-file.cc
Job::JigdoIOIO object for .jigdo downloads; download, gunzip, interpret
JobLineOne "job", e.g
JobListA bit like a vector<JobLine*>, but uses the GtkTreeStore for storing the elements
LocationPathFirst part of the filename of a "part", a directory on the local filesystem
LoggerUsually created by the DEBUG_UNIT macro, with an instance name of "debug"
  • an object which can be called to output debugging info
MakeImageDownload & interpret .jigdo, download parts, assemble image
Job::MakeImageDlMakeImageDl: Everything related to downloads
Job::MakeImageDl::ChildEach Child object stands for one DataSource (i.e. SingleUrl/CachedUrl) which the MakeImageDl starts as a "child download" of itself
Job::MakeImageDl::ChildListBaseChild objects are in two lists, need this to disambiguate them
Job::MakeImageDl::IOUser interaction for MakeImageDl
Job::MakeImageDl::JigdoDownloadPrivate class of MakeImageDl: Object extending a SingleUrl and used to retrieve the data of the .jigdo file
MD5Container for an already computed MD5Sum
MD5SumA 128-bit, cryptographically strong message digest algorithm
MD5Sum::ProgressReporterClass allowing JigdoCache to convey information back to the creator of a JigdoCache object
MessageBoxDisplay an error box with a message and standard or user-supplied buttons
MessageBox::RefRef object to store reference to a MessageBox in
MkTemplateCreate location list (jigdo) and image template (template) from one big file and a list of files
MkTemplate::DescBuild up a template DESC section by appending items to a JigdoDescVec
MkTemplate::PartialMatchOne object for each offset in image where any file /might/ match
MkTemplate::PartialMatchQueueQueue of PartialMatch objects, always kept sorted by ascending nextEvent
MkTemplate::PartIndexIndex over JigdoParts by md5sum string
MkTemplate::PartLineLine content with whitespace and '=' removed and left/right side swapped, i.e
MkTemplate::ProgressReporterClass allowing MkTemplate to convey information back to the creator of a MkTemplate object
NoCopyTo be used as a base class only - prevents that the derived class can be copied
PartUrlMappingObject to enumerate all URLs for "Label:some/path"
ProgressKeep track of statistics: How many % of download done, average speed, ETA
RecurseDirA filename generator; feed it names of single files or directories, it will output them, recursing depth-first through directories
RecurseErrorErrors which occur during RecurseDir's work
RsyncSumA 32 bit checksum with the special property that you do not need to recalculate the checksum when data is added to the front/end of the checksummed area, or removed from it
RsyncSum64Like RsyncSum, but the checksum is a 64 bit value
SerialIstreamIteratorSlight variation (and simplification) of std::istream_iterator and std::ostream_iterator
ServerUrlMappingIf the .jigdo file contains [Servers] entries like "Foo=x" and "Foo=y", there will be one object for the "Foo=x" entry, its "next" pointer points to the "Foo=y" object
Job::SingleUrlClass which handles downloading a HTTP or FTP URL
SmartPtr< X >Smart pointer, i.e
SmartPtr_lockStaticIf static objects are accessed through smart pointers, ensure that there are no attempts to delete them, by defining a non-static SmartPtr_lockStatic(object), which MUST be DEFINED (not declared) AFTER the object being locked, in the SAME translation unit
SmartPtrBaseThe version of SmartPtrBase below needs the following:
StatusSimple success/failure return type
SubstClass for passing arguments to Logger
UrlMapObject containing list of all Part and Server mappings in a .jigdo file
UrlMappingObject which represents a "Label:some/path" mapping, abstract base class
XStatusVersion of Status which can contain more than 2 values
ZerrorError messages returned by the zlib library
ZibstreamInput stream which decompresses data
Zibstream::ImplInterface for gzip and bzip2 implementors
ZobstreamOutput stream which compresses the data sent to it before writing it to its final destination

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