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Subst Class Reference

Class for passing arguments to Logger. More...

#include <string.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Subst (int x)
 Subst (unsigned x)
 Subst (long x)
 Subst (unsigned long x)
 Subst (unsigned long long x)
 Subst (double x)
 Subst (char x)
 Subst (const char *x)
 Subst (const string &x)
 Subst (const string *x)
 Subst (const void *x)

Static Public Member Functions

static string subst (const char *format, int args, const Subst arg[])

Detailed Description

Class for passing arguments to Logger.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Subst::Subst ( int  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( unsigned  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( long  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( unsigned long  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( unsigned long long  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( double  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( char  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( const char *  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( const string &  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( const string *  x  )  [inline]

Subst::Subst ( const void *  x  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

string Subst::subst ( const char *  format,
int  args,
const Subst  arg[] 
) [static]

References E, F, L, and x.

Referenced by Logger::defaultPut(), loggerPut(), put(), and subst().

Member Data Documentation

unsigned long Subst::ulongVal

unsigned long long Subst::ulonglongVal

const char* Subst::charPtr

const string* Subst::stringPtr

const void* Subst::pointerVal

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