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MD5 Class Reference

Container for an already computed MD5Sum. More...

#include <md5sum.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MD5 ()
 MD5 (const MD5Sum &md)
 operator byte * ()
 Allows you to treat the object exactly like a pointer to a byte array.
 operator const byte * () const
MD5operator= (const MD5Sum &md)
 Assign an MD5Sum.
bool operator< (const MD5 &x) const
MD5clear ()
 Clear contents to zero.
string toString () const
 Convert to string.
template<class Iterator>
Iterator serialize (Iterator i) const
template<class ConstIterator>
ConstIterator unserialize (ConstIterator i)
size_t serialSizeOf () const

Public Attributes

byte sum [16]
 16 bytes of MD5 checksum

Detailed Description

Container for an already computed MD5Sum.

Objects of this class are smaller than MD5Sum objects by one pointer. As soon as the checksum calculation of an MD5Sum object has finish()ed, the pointer is no longer needed. If you need to store a large number of calculated MD5Sums, it may be beneficial to assign the MD5Sum to an MD5 to save space.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MD5::MD5 (  )  [inline]

MD5::MD5 ( const MD5Sum md  )  [inline]

References MD5Sum::sum.

Member Function Documentation

MD5::operator byte * (  )  [inline]

Allows you to treat the object exactly like a pointer to a byte array.

References sum.

MD5::operator const byte * (  )  const [inline]

References sum.

MD5 & MD5::operator= ( const MD5Sum md  )  [inline]

Assign an MD5Sum.

References Paranoid, and MD5Sum::sum.

bool MD5::operator< ( const MD5 x  )  const [inline]

References sum.

MD5 & MD5::clear (  )  [inline]

Clear contents to zero.

References sum, and x.

string MD5::toString (  )  const

template<class Iterator>
Iterator MD5::serialize ( Iterator  i  )  const [inline]

References sum.

Referenced by MD5Sum::serialize().

template<class ConstIterator>
ConstIterator MD5::unserialize ( ConstIterator  i  )  [inline]

References sum.

Referenced by MD5Sum::unserialize().

size_t MD5::serialSizeOf (  )  const [inline]

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