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Rand Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Rand (uint32 nr, bool printMessages=false)
void thumbScrew ()
uint32 get (size_t n)
uint32 rnd (size_t n)

Public Attributes

MD5Sum md
struct {
   uint32   nr
   uint32   serial
   MD5   r
byte * rptr
byte * rend
uint32 res
size_t bitsInRes
bool msg

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rand::Rand ( uint32  nr,
bool  printMessages = false 
) [inline]

References bitsInRes, hashData, msg, Rand(), rend, res, and rptr.

Referenced by Rand().

Member Function Documentation

void Rand::thumbScrew (  ) 

Referenced by get().

uint32 Rand::get ( size_t  n  )  [inline]

References bitsInRes, r, rend, res, rptr, and thumbScrew().

uint32 Rand::rnd ( size_t  n  )  [inline]

References rnd().

Referenced by rnd().

Member Data Documentation

uint32 Rand::nr

uint32 Rand::serial

struct { ... } Rand::hashData

byte* Rand::rptr

byte* Rand::rend

uint32 Rand::res

bool Rand::msg

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