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Job::MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload Class Reference

Private class of MakeImageDl: Object extending a SingleUrl and used to retrieve the data of the .jigdo file. More...

#include <jigdodownload.hh>

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Job::SingleUrl Job::DataSource::IO Gunzip::IO

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Public Member Functions

 JigdoDownload (MakeImageDl *m, JigdoDownload *p, const string &jigdoUrl, ConfigFile::iterator destPos)
virtual ~JigdoDownload ()
void run ()
 Behaviour as above.
virtual IOPtr< DataSource::IO > & io ()
 Access the correct io member, i.e.
virtual const IOPtr
< DataSource::IO > & 
io () const

Detailed Description

Private class of MakeImageDl: Object extending a SingleUrl and used to retrieve the data of the .jigdo file.

NB: The underlying Download's io pointer is set up to point to this object. Once this receives the calls, this object passes them on to its own io pointer, which will point to the corresponding front-end object, e.g. a GtkSingleUrl. This sandwiching is in contrast to "normal" single-file downloads, where the Download directly calls the GtkSingleUrl.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload::JigdoDownload ( MakeImageDl m,
JigdoDownload p,
const string &  jigdoUrl,
ConfigFile::iterator  destPos 

m Master which owns us
p Parent JigdoDownload which [Include]d us, or null
jigdoUrl Where to download .jigdo data
destPos Where in config file to insert downloaded data

MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload::~JigdoDownload (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload::run (  )  [virtual]

Behaviour as above.

Defaults if not called before run() is false, i.e. don't add "Pragma: no-cache" header.

pragmaNoCache If true, perform a "reload", discarding anything cached e.g. in a proxy. Start download or resume it All following bytes are written to destStream as well as passed to the IO object. We seek to the correct position each time when writing, so several parallel downloads for the same destStream are possible.
An error is raised if you want to resume but the server doesn't support it, or if the server wants to send more data than expected, i.e. the byte at destEndOffset inside destStream would be overwritten, or if destEndOffset is set and the size of the data as reported by the server is not destEndOffset-destOffset.

Reimplemented from Job::SingleUrl.

References Job::SingleUrl::run().

IOPtr< DataSource::IO > & MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload::io (  )  [virtual]

Access the correct io member, i.e.

for the derived class.

const IOPtr< DataSource::IO > & MakeImageDl::JigdoDownload::io (  )  const [virtual]

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