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util/log.hh File Reference

Logfile / debugging output. More...

#include <config.h>
#include <debug.hh>
#include <nocopy.hh>
#include <string-utf.hh>

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class  Logger
 Usually created by the DEBUG_UNIT macro, with an instance name of "debug"
  • an object which can be called to output debugging info.


#define DEBUG_UNIT(_name)
#define LOCAL_DEBUG_UNIT(_name)
#define DEBUG_TO(_realobject)
#define LOCAL_DEBUG_TO(_realobject)
#define debug(...)   do { } while (false)


Logger msg
 The default debugging logger uses the unit name "general".

Detailed Description

Logfile / debugging output.

The (Debug)Logger class shouldn't be used directly, only via the macros. The following:


ensures that debug("format %1", arg) either prints the debug message (if DEBUG is 1), or does nothing at all (if DEBUG is 0). "Nothing at all" really means nothing, not even evaluating the argument expressions - at least if variable-argument preprocessor macros are supported.

IMPORTANT: The expressions passed to debug() must not have any side-effects if the program is to behave identically with DEBUG=0 and DEBUG=1.

The following:

undef debug namespace { Logger debug("unitname"); }

Is like DEBUG_UNIT, except that the calls to debug() are always compiled in, regardless of the setting of DEBUG. Don't forget the undef debug!

Use LOCAL_DEBUG_UNIT to define "debug" in the current scope/namespace.

With DEBUG_TO(FooBar::debug), you can use a non-local debug object (e.g. defined in a header somewhere; the macro will define a local "debug" reference to FooBar::debug. Making direct calls to FooBar::debug would fail if DEBUG=0. Again, there's also a LOCAL_DEBUG_TO, to be used e.g. inside a function.

A "LOCAL_DEBUG_UNIT_DECL;" line should be used inside class definitions to introduce a static debug object (or non-static dummy if DEBUG=0). In the corresponding .cc file, you will need to add the following: if DEBUG Logger MyClass::debug("myclass"); endif

Define Documentation

#define debug ( ...   )     do { } while (false)

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#define DEBUG_TO ( _realobject   ) 

#define DEBUG_UNIT ( _name   ) 

#define LOCAL_DEBUG_TO ( _realobject   ) 

#define LOCAL_DEBUG_UNIT ( _name   ) 


Variable Documentation

The default debugging logger uses the unit name "general".

If possible, you should define a static, per-compilation-unit logger with a more descriptive name and use that instead.

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