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JigdoCache Member List

This is the complete list of members for JigdoCache, including all inherited members.

addLabel(const StringP &path, const StringL &label, const StringU &uri="")JigdoCache [inline]
begin()JigdoCache [inline]
deallocBuffer()JigdoCache [inline]
end()JigdoCache [inline]
FilePart classJigdoCache [friend]
getBlockLen() const JigdoCache [inline]
getCheckFiles() const JigdoCache [inline]
getMD5BlockLen() const JigdoCache [inline]
getReporter()JigdoCache [inline]
JigdoCache(const string &cacheFileName, size_t expiryInSeconds=60 *60 *24 *30, size_t bufLen=128 *1024, ProgressReporter &pr=noReport)JigdoCache [explicit]
JigdoCache::iterator classJigdoCache [friend]
readFilenames(RecurseDir &rd)JigdoCache [inline]
reference typedefJigdoCache
setCheckFiles(bool check)JigdoCache [inline]
setParams(size_t blockLen, size_t md5BlockLen)JigdoCache
setReadAmount(size_t bytes)JigdoCache [inline]
size() const JigdoCache [inline]
value_type typedefJigdoCache

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