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Zibstream::Impl Member List

This is the complete list of members for Zibstream::Impl, including all inherited members.

availIn() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
availOut() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
end()=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
inflate(byte **nextOut, unsigned *availOut)=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
init()=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
nextIn() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
nextOut() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
ok() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
reset()=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
setAvailIn(unsigned n)=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
setNextIn(byte *n)=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
setTotalIn(unsigned n)=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
setTotalOut(unsigned n)=0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
streamEnd() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
throwError() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
totalIn() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
totalOut() const =0Zibstream::Impl [pure virtual]
~Impl()Zibstream::Impl [inline, virtual]

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