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UrlMap Member List

This is the complete list of members for UrlMap, including all inherited members.

addPart(const string &baseUrl, const MD5 &md, const vector< string > &value)UrlMap
addPart(const string &baseUrl, const vector< string > &value, SmartPtr< PartUrlMapping > *oldList)UrlMap
addServer(const string &baseUrl, const string &label, const vector< string > &value)UrlMap
NoCopy()NoCopy [inline, protected]
operator[](const MD5 &m) const UrlMap [inline]
PartMap typedefUrlMap
parts() const UrlMap [inline]
ServerMap typedefUrlMap
servers() const UrlMap [inline]
UrlMap()UrlMap [inline]
~NoCopy()NoCopy [inline, protected]

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