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RsyncSum64 Member List

This is the complete list of members for RsyncSum64, including all inherited members.

addBack(const byte *mem, size_t len)RsyncSum64
addBack(byte x)RsyncSum64
addBackNtimes(byte x, size_t n)RsyncSum64
empty() const RsyncSum64 [inline]
getHi() const RsyncSum64 [inline]
getLo() const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator!=(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator<(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator<=(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator==(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator>(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
operator>=(const RsyncSum64 &x) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
removeFront(const byte *mem, size_t len, size_t areaSize)RsyncSum64
removeFront(byte x, size_t areaSize)RsyncSum64 [inline]
reset()RsyncSum64 [inline]
RsyncSum64()RsyncSum64 [inline]
RsyncSum64(const byte *mem, size_t len)RsyncSum64 [inline]
serialize(Iterator i) const RsyncSum64 [inline]
serialSizeOf() const RsyncSum64 [inline]
unserialize(ConstIterator i)RsyncSum64 [inline]

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