jigdo API

Progress Member List

This is the complete list of members for Progress, including all inherited members.

appendProgress(string *s) const Progress
appendSize(string *s, uint64 size)Progress [static]
appendSizes(string *s, uint64 size, uint64 total)Progress [static]
appendSpeed(string *s, int speed, int timeLeft) const Progress
autoTick()Progress [inline]
currentSize() const Progress [inline]
dataSize() const Progress [inline]
Progress()Progress [inline]
put(ostream &s) const Progress
setAutoTick(bool enable)Progress
setCurrentSize(uint64 x)Progress [inline]
setDataSize(uint64 x)Progress [inline]
speed(const GTimeVal &now) const Progress
SPEED_TICK_INTERVALProgress [static]
tick(const GTimeVal &now, int millisecs)Progress
timeLeft(const GTimeVal &now) const Progress
~Progress()Progress [inline]

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