jigdo API

FilePart Member List

This is the complete list of members for FilePart, including all inherited members.

deleted() const FilePart [inline]
getLocation()FilePart [inline]
getMD5Sum(JigdoCache *c)FilePart [inline]
getPath() const FilePart [inline]
getRsyncSum(JigdoCache *c)FilePart [inline]
getSums(JigdoCache *c, size_t blockNr)FilePart [inline]
JigdoCache classFilePart [friend]
leafName() const FilePart [inline]
markAsDeleted(JigdoCache *c)FilePart [inline]
mtime() const FilePart [inline]
SerializeCacheEntryFilePart [friend]
size() const FilePart [inline]
~FilePart()FilePart [inline]

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