Sunset at Irchelpark - Zurich Panorama

Try zooming in, the panorama has a quite impressive resolution of 220 Mpixels. Also, try out the full-screen mode.

I could not resist buying some panorama equipment, this is one of the first panoramas I made. Many thanks to Marek Standio, whose amazing SaladoPlayer is displaying the panorama above. (If it is not displayed, try reloading the page.)

Download full equirectangular panorama: 2010-09-19 zurich-irchelpark-sonnenuntergang-20k.jpeg (20992×10496 pixels, 26 MBytes)


2010-09-19 19:46 17mm f/6.3 0.5s ISO100 Location

Very impressive panorama !

Very impressive panorama ! Thank you for sharing your successes with free software - keep up the good work.