Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) introduces the ability to display equirectangular photos in a special "Photosphere" viewer which allows you to "turn around inside the scene" - in other words, to project part of the pano onto the rectilinear screen. But after creating your own panorama, how can you add EXIF information to allow viewing it in the pano viewer? Read more...


When shooting party pictures with flash, you either bounce the light off the ceiling or use a home-made better bouncecard. However, what if you want a similar effect with the camera's built-in flash?

Here is a simple solution that I came up with. Compared to the mini softboxes and similar accessories that you can buy online for the built-in flash, it is more robust, much cheaper (2€) and very compact. Read more...


Test picture taken with my modified Canon lens (a.k.a. "Canon 50mm f1.8 [T3.2] STF";-), with some colour correction and contrast enhancement to fix problems with the new filter built into the lens. The bokeh comes out nicely, the difference to the unmodified lens is very noticeable here.